Well fuck you too 39!!

So yesterday was my birthday.

I’m usually not a huge celebrater of birthdays, but seeing how this was my last year in the 30’s I thought maybe I’d make an effort… I really wish I hadn’t.

The glorious day started with me late for work, running out the front door, and then proceeding to slam my hand in the door, cursing like a sailer I turned to see my nice elderly neighbor in front of my house walking her dog, trying to ignore the horrified look on her face I gave her a wave with my wounded hand, which in its pain had automatically curled in all my fingers EXCEPT my middle finger… great.

So I finally get myself situated and in my car, and upon turning it on see an interesting new red light on my dashboard in the shape of a tire, I look out my window and yep, there it is, a nice flat tire on my car… great.

I run back in the house yelling at Hubby that I’m going to be taking his car as my tire is flat, and can he get that fixed for me? He asks if I have the AAA card, I dig through my wallet and cuss like a sailer once more as I can’t find the card, Hubby looks over my shoulder and takes this happy moment to point out that my drivers license is expiring… today.

The rest of the day involved me enjoying the wonders that is the DMV after a holiday break, finally getting to work only to have my laptop think it would be funny to freeze for a couple hours, finding out the IT guy is snowed in at the Chicago airport, and then getting home in time to get in a fight with Hubby over my belief that remote control rules should be void for birthday girls.

Happy Fucking Birthday Me!!

I’m actually looking forward to 40, it’s gotta be easier then this… right?


Birthday kisses from Orko… almost made all of it worth it… almost.

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3 Responses to Well fuck you too 39!!

  1. ksbeth says:

    it can only go up from here, happy birthday!

  2. Shonnie says:

    Happy Birthday, you little young shit you!

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