I’m a “professional” photographer now, but my dog just thinks I’m a “professional” asshole.

So last Christmas Hubby got me an AMAZING high techie camera that I promised I would use EVERYDAY and we would be able to decorate our house with the AWARD WINNING photos I was going to take… and then I used it like 4 times, decided it was way to fancy and technical for me and then never touched it again.

Fast forwarded to last week when Hubby threatened to sell my super high techie camera if I don’t learn how to use it…soooo… GROUPON TO THE RESCUE!

God Bless Groupon with their handy dandy coupons for any and all things.  I found a local studio that was giving a “So you’ve bought a high techie camera and have no idea how to use it” class… seriously that was the name of it.

So Sunday at 9am I was in their studio with my high techie camera, notebook, and trenta coffee. And after 4 hours of awesomeness I had like 25% of an idea how to use my high techie camera… which is better then 0%!

I ran home and started taking picture with all the new lighting, compensation, saturation, depth, knowledge I now knew.

Because he’s so damn attractive, I used Orko as my model… at first he was totally into it… then it got old… real old.

Picture #1
Orko: You want to take my picture?! OKAY!!IMG_2180

Picture #25
Orko: Okay you’ve been at this for a while, getting a little tired holding this pose.IMG_2179

Picture #67
Orko: I think you’ve got the shot already lady.IMG_2177

Picture #145
Orko: I will fucking cut you.IMG_2178

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3 Responses to I’m a “professional” photographer now, but my dog just thinks I’m a “professional” asshole.

  1. He’s precious but you definitely have a point. Never test the patience of your pet.

  2. Becky says:

    My cats, and my kids do the same thing. I usually end up with hair in their face or hands over their faces. Or the “I’ll cut you” look… it is my personal favorite.

  3. I have a camera somewhere…hey, the cell phone is so easy and always there…except cell or camera, the cat runs at the sight – having far too many “hold still” moments already.

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