How I broke my friend and made her question her life, all while I didn’t watch the Bachelor

I wish I liked the Bachelor, so many of my friends like that show and listening to them each morning losing their shit over who did what, who wasn’t picked, who was picked, who kissed who, who didn’t kiss who, who swam the best with the pigs (not making that up, it was a serious topic one morning), who was left on the island, who said I love you, who said I love you when they weren’t supposed to say I love you…

It’s amazing!

So with the big finale coming I decided to just skip ahead and read the spoiler articles on Facebook while my friend Whitney avoided all social media while she watched it old Pacific time.  Luck for me she took my texts, however that was unlucky for her…

*spoiler* if you are in no way interested in the bachelor this is going to be pretty boring for you and you can skip the text, all but the last one when Whitney questions her life… that part is hilarious.


And so she watched… and discovered… he didn’t pick JoJo…




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