And now Hubby says he can never show his face in the E.R.

So Hubby loves playing in pick up basketball games.  This is basically when a bunch of guys  who don’t know each other go to the park, gather at the basketball court, and then within 1 minute of meeting are best friends and play a game of basketball… it’s a beautiful thing.

However, cause they’re guys things instantly get rough housy and then I get a call from Hubby that I should probably meet him at the local emergency room…

At the ER I meet up with Hubby who has an impressive blood fountain coming out of his forehead.


Hubby: It’s not that bad.

Me: Your forehead is impersonating Old Faithful! But not as majestic.


Me: YES, IT IS!!

Nurse: NEXT!

Hubby and I walk up to the very serious looking nurse.

Nurse: Reason for your visit to the ER?



Me: Old Bloody Faithful.

Nurse: hhhmmmm… Sir… are you safe at home?

Me: What does that matter?!?

Hubby: Babe.

Me: WHAT!?!? That’s the stupidest question, what does it matter?

Nurse: Ma’am I’m going to need you to step back and let your Husband answer the question!

Me: Why? He doesn’t know.

Nurse: What?

Me: If we’re safe at home.  Yes, we are. I was on birth control pills, but kept forgetting to take them, so I switched to the Nova Ring, which was kinda weird the first couple time getting that thing up…

Hubby: BABE!!!!

Me: What?

Hubby: Not that kind of safe at home! She’s asking if I’m safe at home with you, as in do you hit me.

Me: …. oh… well that makes more sense.

Hubby: Good grief babe.

Me: WHAT? Isn’t it a  good sign that I didn’t know what she she was talking about!? It means I probably don’t hit you!

I looked to her for confirmation, but the now teary eyed nurse had rolled her chair over to the nurse next to her and was whispering in her ear and both then broke down into laughing convulsions.

Me: I think we’re good, doesn’t look like she thinks I hit you any more.

Hubby: Great, thanks.

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2 Responses to And now Hubby says he can never show his face in the E.R.

  1. Eileen DeBarge-Davis says:

    Thank you. 💐😂

  2. Oh, they keep changing the language to be “sensitive” rather than asking did you slug him.
    Bet you gave a whole bunch of them giggles. Hilarious…well, not the blood, but you know. Alls well that ends well

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