Hubby thinks I have a problem… I think I’m living the dream… You decide…

Hubby: … Really babe?

Me: What!?!?

Hubby: You’re drinking wine in the morning, in bed, and from the bottle!

Me: Okay well it’s actually 11am, so some might argue that it’s the afternoon, and it’s Saturday which is the kind of day that automatically gives people the okay to do what ever the hell they want, and you and CIA Cat were hogging the couch so Orko and I opted for the super super compfy bed instead, AND I didn’t want to dirty a cup seeing how you just started the dishwasher… so… you know… you’re welcome.

Hubby: And that’s how your mind rationalizes it being okay to drink in the morning, in bed, from the bottle.

Me: What do you mean rationalize? I’ve given excellent facts!! People would look at this and totally stand by my excellent factual explanation!!

Hubby: What people?

Me: Instagram and Facebook people!!! *click*

Hubby: Oh My God! You are not going to post a picture of you drinking a bottle in bed?

Me: Aren’t I!?!??!

… and I did… and the people totally had my back


Side Bar: I would only be on Instagram if I could, as Facebook kind of bugs the hell out of me, but my mother is on Facebook and she hates missing out on things that I’m doing… so I’m on Facebook too… so my mother can see me drinking in bed… you’re welcome mom!


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2 Responses to Hubby thinks I have a problem… I think I’m living the dream… You decide…

  1. I’m struggling to understand the problem. But then again, we live in Napa Valley. If I wait until “afternoon” to start drinking we’ll have wine bottles littering the floor everywhere. It’s really an interior design motivation. You may enjoy our wine country blog: Follow us if you like what you see.

  2. Lady Dickson says:

    I see…nothing wrong with this at all 🙂

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