Snapchat is saving/ruining my marriage

I love Snapchat… I don’t actually post anything because why waste my comedic genius when it will just disappear!?!  (funny side note spell check showed me I misspelled comedic, genius, and disappear… so not that “genius” after all.)

What I do use Snapchat for is to send my Hubby hilarious pics that I’m certain are the highlight of his day!

I was trying to be really puny with this one, because I thought the animal was a deer.. turns out it was a fox.. awkward.


I did better with the old man, at least it got a reply.


The merging of his face on my head really got a reaction… and yes, Hubby actually says “oh my word”.


But then I think I took it too far, either that or he didn’t have his phone with him…


… he never did answer…

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