Hubby and my communication is totally on point! HOLY SHIT!!

So I had my first commute to work in a Washington wind storm…

My commute that takes me across the 520 bridge…

Which crosses a huge lake…

And I was in my little soft top convertible…

This is the phone conversation I had with Hubby after the crossing.

Hubby: Hey babe, how was the drive in?

Me: Holy Shit!

Hubby: Oh crap, that bad? Was the wind strong?

Me: Holy Shit!

Hubby: I said you should have taken the SUV! Were you blown all over the bridge?

Me: Holy Shit!

Hubby: Oh man I bet, how was the top? Was it okay or vibrating by the wind?


Hubby: Yikes, well good thing it didn’t get yanked off.  How about the spray from the waves?


Hubby: Poor thing, okay I gotta get to work but babe, give me another phrase so I know you’re okay.

Me:… Fuck.

Hubby: Alright there ya go, love you.



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