Christmas Time aka Card War aka My Families Better Then Your Family aka Suck It… Twice.

Aaaaahhhhhhh the holidays, a time when all the people in my life decide to shove it in my face how happy and wonderful they are by the use of my faithful United States Postal Service deliverer, Bert.  Dammit people come on!  Bert’s got bunions!! Give the guy a break!!! HE DOESN’T DERSEVE THIS!!

*phew* okay, I’m okay, don’t worry about Bert, I gave him brownies for the holidays… special brownies… cause I live in Washington… maybe I should have told Bert they were special…

Anywho! Holiday Cards, here’s Hubby and My 411 on them…


It’s not because we have a strong and sound belief in ourselves and don’t feel we need to let everyone know how strong and sound our belief is, it’s simply because that shit takes a lot of time and effort!!!

I mean you got to take the picture, create some witty wording, print it out on card stock, after going out and buying cardstock, then find everyone’s addresses, get stamps, and then mail!?! Ugh forget it, I couldn’t even get this holiday blog out on time…

But so not to be a total scroogy grinchy asshole during the holidays, I do put the cards up on my fridge, which I think shows some real holiday cheer and good will towards man on my part… that is until Tracy ruined it.

babyNot only did my pretty much perfect friend Tracy send the most adorable holiday card that ever existed… she sent it to me TWICE… she SAYS this was an accident, she SAYS she did so many mail batches that she lost track of who already got one…

So basically she has so many friends to share her perfect life with she couldn’t keep track… she could have at least sent me some aloe, to go with that burn.

And then she pretty much DID by sending me flowers for my birthday, which is 3 days after Christmas which means it’s pretty much ignored by everyone… DAMN YOU TRACY, YOU PERFECTLY WONDERFUL PERSON!!!!!




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1 Response to Christmas Time aka Card War aka My Families Better Then Your Family aka Suck It… Twice.

  1. Mention to all the proud mommies and daddies out there how much you love sleeping in and taking impromptu naps during the holidays. It’ll drive them up the fucking wall.

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