I am LADY OF THE DANCE!!!… actually I’m more like Drunk Googler of the Web who shouldn’t be allowed to get to her credit card after 3 drinks…

Me: Don’t laugh or roll your eyes or sigh at the next thing I’m going to tell you.

Hubby: Oh god what?

Me: Well last night, after I finished off that excellent merlot that you brought home, I thought how we should totally take dance classes together.

Hubby: No.

Me: So I googled and found this great dance class nearby.

Hubby: No!

Me: And they are just starting their Spring sessions.

Hubby: NO!!

Me: And then I thought, “who am I kidding? Hubby is never going to take a dance class with me.”

Hubby: YES!

Me: But their website was so impressive and they offered SO many classes…

Hubby: NO!!!

Me: So I signed up for Irish dancing… I start next Wednesday… Just me…


Me: Okay that’s one of the things I told you NOT to do! Screw you sir! I’m going to be amazing at this!! I’m going to practice everyday!!! There will always be Irish step music playing in this house until my classes are finished… IN SIX MONTHS!!!




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Wifey, Blogger, Cat Slave, New Puppy Mommy, Huge Nerd, and One Hellofafriend! (Seriously, I have references). SHINY!!
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