Chivalry is dead.. and buried… and then someone dug it back up and peed on it… and then buried it again… with a dead fish…which stinks… literally.

So apparently, per the news, Seattle is having a Winter Storm Warning, aka WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE IN A FROZEN TUNDRA OF DEATH!!!!

Now I was aware of this, but may have slightly forgotten about it when I was getting ready this morning and picking out my shoes for the day.  My beautiful 3 inch stiletto heeled shoes.

Shut. Up. I. Know.

But to be fair I take an elevator to our garage and then a nice, dry, weather free walk to my pre-warmed car.  So I didn’t really realize the error of my ways until I got to work, or to be more specific my work’s parking lot… which had not been plowed OR salted since the storm.

So there I was bracing myself against my car and contemplating the 20 feet stretch of snow and ice between me and the front door of my building. After taking a few test steps, that nearly landed me on my ass, I was beginning to consider the option of just taking of my babies and going barefoot across the parking lot when I saw it… my saving grace… my hero in a parka… a gentleman coming from across the lot towards me and the front door.

I was just about to tell him that he was my hero and people would sing songs of him when he slightly paused to look at me with my wide legged stance and car clutching arms and then… WALKED RIGHT ON BY ME AND INTO THE BUILDING… Dude!!! I mean DUDE!!!


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6 Responses to Chivalry is dead.. and buried… and then someone dug it back up and peed on it… and then buried it again… with a dead fish…which stinks… literally.

  1. You described it all so perfectly…except where you picked up a rock and threw it at the guy.
    (OMG my grandmother always said to always have some sensible shoes in your car just in case one day….I think I’ll toss in some rain boots as it’s 80’s here and that from it going to sweep this way crashing into the gulf air before cooling it off…and we’ve had the most depressing rainy winter ever.)
    Hope your shoes survive…(you will heal, right?) Thanks for the weather heads up

  2. Ellen Klein says:

    That was funny, not of course funny, but really funny.

  3. Laura says:

    This might possibly be the best post title EVER.

  4. queenrobyn says:

    I live in northern MN so we are pretty snowstorm ready no matter what month it is. But one day after working all night at my caregiving job, I was having to shovel my car out from the parking lot while the plowing dude went round and round the lot pushing the snow BEHIND everyone’s vehicle or in front and back depending on where you were in the lot. The wind was whipping at hurricane speed and I had on a wool cape and a scarf wrapped around my head that kept blinding me as I tried to shovel myself out. I am a woman of size and age and in no way should have been exerting that much energy first thing in the morning and on no caffeine. The parking lot was not large and so the dude must have been paid by the hour because after making sure no one was getting out of his lot without a lot of shoveling, he pulls over and sits in his running plow truck watching me struggle. Maybe you have heard of the saying, “Minnesota Nice”….well, by golly this guy must have been from Wisconsin (I say this tongue-in-cheek as MN always has a friendly rivalry with WI….unless it’s the Vikings vs Packers….then there be blood) because most men would have gotten out and told me to get in my car and would have shoveled me out. I was seriously afraid I was going to have a heart attack in the lot and the plow driver would have just plowed snow over me so he wouldn’t have had to deal with me, I’m sure!

  5. Thank you for sharing with us. I like to listen to your stories and cold seasons are often accompanied by bad things.

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