Per Hubby I do NOT understand the basic fundamentals of Valentines Day.

So I love marriage counseling… come on people… you read this blog… you know there’s no way Hubby and I could hang in there without a little outside help.

Also, if anyone ever tells you that marriage counseling is a last resort, and only for those that are heading for a divorce, you may tell them on my behalf… FUCK YOU AND YOUR FUCKING 1940’S IDEOLOGY YOU FUCKING HEAD UP YOUR ASS FUCK HEAD.

Sorry but I think therapy is awesome and healthy and a great way to get a weight off you that if not removed could really hurt or even kill you… so okay, back to my other rant.

So I found a great new therapist for Hubby and I since our move to Seattle, but her calendar is super limited so I took the first opening she had… which is next Tuesday… February 14th… WHAT!?!? I personally think spending Valentine’s Day evening at a marriage counselor makes perfect sense!  Hubby… not as much…

Hubby: What do you have against this holiday!?

Me: WHAT!? Nothing! I love it! There’s boxes of chocolates involved!! What’s not to like!?

Hubby: Well you have a weird way of showing it, do you remember Valentine’s Day of 2013?

Me:… no… why?

Hubby: You got the dog neutered!!


Hubby: Because most people don’t want to remove their dog’s balls on the most romantic day of the year!!

Me: How is a dog having his balls on Valentine’s Day romantic!?


Me: Well look at it this way, we already have a topic for the new counselor!


Me: WHAT!?!?


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1 Response to Per Hubby I do NOT understand the basic fundamentals of Valentines Day.

  1. Eileen DeBarge-Davis says:

    😂 bring chocolate to appt. Looking forward to 2018 Valentines Day. 😂

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