Per the TSA I’m a bread carrying, lock picking, weirdo…

So while flying back from Spokane to Seattle, a couple weeks ago, I learned about what to NOT have in your carry on bag!

  1. When you’re visiting your parents and your mother teaches you how to make homemade bread. DO NOT let her talk you into taking the big circular shaped one home with you… in your carry on bag.
  2. Leave your lock picking tools, including the metal holding container, at home when traveling. DO NOT put it… in your carry on bag.
  3. If you have your iPhone earbuds, tie the wires up securely in a nice little bundle.  DO NOT let them be all willy nilly looping around the bread and lock pick box and then back to your phone… in your carry on bag.

I’m not gonna lie people, when the security lady flagged assistance over and turned the x-ray screen around so I could see the image of my carry on bag, and then asked me if I could explain what we were looking at…

It took everything in my power not to yell, “HOLY CRAP THAT LOOKS LIKE A BOMB!!”.

Luckily she was more understanding after she had me open up the bag and saw the bread, earbuds, and phone… it took a little while longer to explain the lockpick.

This would be where I would insert a picture of the x-ray image of my bag, and believe me I REALLY wanted to take a picture of it, but I thought grabbing for the bag to get the phone probably would have got me shot… soooooo… no pic.

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