It only took a mummified dinasour to make me the smartest person in my marriage!

Me: Oh babe look, this article says scientist found a mummified dinasour and there’s pictures!!

Hubby: But who wrapped the mummy?




Hubby: Oh my god.

Me: Oh my god!

Hubby: I can’t believe I said that.

Me: I can’t believe you said that!

Hubby: That’s something you would have said.

Me: Thats totally something I would have said… but I didn’t… you did!!!!

Hubby: Kill me.





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2 Responses to It only took a mummified dinasour to make me the smartest person in my marriage!

  1. queenrobyn says:

    I am usually the one who says stuff like that. It’s because I am “artistic” versus “logical” (that’s my story anyway) but last month when I was at the doctors I really made a huge verbal boo-boo. We were talking about my last operation which happened to be a full hysterectomy and then she had me get on the table (why do they call it a table, when it clearly is some kind of bed??) and she checked my ears and then proceeded to look down my throat. She then stepped back and looked at me with a quizzical expression and asked me if I had been born without a uvula or had I had it removed. Now in my defense, we had just been talking about my total hysterectomy and so my brain was still focused down south versus up north and so I said, “Well, I did just have that total hysterectomy but I don’t know why they would have taken that”. And in my mind I am thinking, “Holy crap….how on earth could she see that my VULVA was missing by looking down my throat?”
    She gave me this “deer in the headlights” look and I just looked back at her not realizing that I had mixed up the two words. She just continued on with her exam and it didn’t occur to me until I had left that I had thought that she meant Vulva, when of course, she had meant Uvula…..I don’t think I can ever go back to her again……..

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