The Martian+Gin+Me = Hubby Asking What He Did To Deserve This Life

Hubby: “… let me just make sure I’m following along with you, Matt Damon’s character would have never gotten off Mars, if it hadn’t been for the NASA guy’s Executive Assistant?”

Me: “YES!”

Hubby: “… how?”

Me: “Oh my god it’s so obvious.”

Hubby: “… is it?”

Me: “You make my head hurt.”

Hubby: “Ditto.”

Me: *dramatic sigh* “Okay that part when he said I need to get on a plane, and then BOOM he’s in California meeting with the Pathfinder crew, past and present, to figure out a way to talk with Matt Damon, which then makes it possible for them to work out a plan for his rescue.”

Hubby: “…ya…”

Me: “THAT NEVER WOULD HAVE HAPPENED WITHOUT AN EA! WHO arranged his travel, WHO contacted all the teams and made sure they were all at the office waiting for him, WHO met him outside the office and directed him where to go, WHO got him badge clearance for that building, WHO set up all the meetings after that first original meeting, WHO ORDERED ALL THE CHINESE FOOD THEY’RE EATING!?!?”

Hubby: “His EA?”


Hubby: “And all of that couldn’t have possibly happened without his EA? I mean what if she was out sick that day, but because of the urgency he took care of all of it himself? Do you think he would have just said ‘sorry guys I had a plan to rescue him, but my EA was out sick and I had to wait until she got back and now he’s dead’?”

Me: “You’re the devil.”

Hubby: “Want me to get you another Gin and Tonic?”

Me: “You’re an angel.”

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1 Response to The Martian+Gin+Me = Hubby Asking What He Did To Deserve This Life

  1. hrockwel says:

    Hahaha – assistants unite! And bring another G&T! 😉

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