Hubby and I are doomed when the Zombie Apocalypse finally comes

This is just one of those random, been together over 20 years, conversations that Hubby and I had while stuck in our car waiting for the ferry…

Me: When the zombie apocalypse comes I think we should live on a little island, just the two of us.

Hubby: *sigh* because the ferry is an hour out and I’m bored, I’m going to just go with this… why would living on an island help us during a zombie apocalypse?

Me: BECAUSE, we’d be the only ones on it so no other infected people to fight off, we could get food by fishing and I could grow a vegetable garden and you could create some kind of solar panel windmill thingy for electricity, PLUS there’s like a giant ocean moat around us so no zombie can get to us! I’m BRILLIANT!

Hubby: Okay brilliant, have you thought about the fact that the zombies can just walk along the ocean bottom and up onto our island?

Me: no… the sharks would eat them?

Hubby: ya all those sharks… off the Seattle coast… Okay, we’ll go with that, but then wouldn’t they be zombie sharks? So now we have zombie sharks circling our island.

Me: well that’s not good

Hubby: No it isn’t, so fishing will probably be out, but we have this amazing garden you’re gonna grow, even though you can’t keep a cactus alive for a week, remember the tragic end of Mr. Pokey?

Me: *whispers sadly* Mr. Pokey

Hubby: Or that I have NO idea how to create a solar panel windmill thing.

Me: you don’t!? well crap

Hubby: Plus I’m pretty sure, knowing you, you’d be one of the first people bit, probably while trying to save a bunch of puppies from the zombies.

Me: ooohhh those poor puppies

Hubby: And then you’d come right for me and boom, I’m a zombie now too, and we’re both just stumbling around moaning and drooling and getting eaten by zombie sharks.

Me: Ya know, you’re really ruining this zombie apocalypse for me!

Hubby: sorry?


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