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It’s a fine line between funny and I’m gonna kill you…

Me: Babe, I can’t find my cell phone, would you call me!? Hubby: Mona!! Me: ha ha Hubby: MONA!! Me: You’re the absolute worst Hubby: MMMOONNNAAA!!! Me: I hate you so… oh wait, I found it! Hubby: See!?!? It worked!! … Continue reading

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15 Years Together and He Notices What I Wear NOW!?

Me: VICTORY IS MINE!! (slamming front door shut with… well… with victory) Hubby: YAY! and like always NO idea what you’re talking about. Me: I found a dress for the wedding! Hubby: YAY! What wedding? Me:… SERIOUSLY!?! The wedding we’re … Continue reading

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We’ve got an admin down… ADMIN DOWN!!

Today started like any other Monday, me sitting at my desk waiting for my older than dirt laptop to start-up while I pondered if driving my car off the bridge this morning would have been better or worse then coming into work today.  I could have … Continue reading

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