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Christmas Time aka Card War aka My Families Better Then Your Family aka Suck It… Twice.

Aaaaahhhhhhh the holidays, a time when all the people in my life decide to shove it in my face how happy and wonderful they are by the use of my faithful United States Postal Service deliverer, Bert.  Dammit people come on!  Bert’s got bunions!! Give … Continue reading

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I have a puppy now so posting on my blog is low on the list, but above laundry. So I’m posting… dirty.

I know it’s been a long time since my last post but DUDE! Having a puppy, is like having a baby! Shut up all my mother friends out there!! At least you can put diapers on yours… not that I didn’t … Continue reading

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Check Mate Hubby… Check Mate

So, like always, I was bugging convincing Hubby that we need to get a puppy. Me: I would totally take care of it. You wouldn’t have to do anything! Hubby: Don’t believe you. Me: Think of all the joy it … Continue reading

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Stop Posting Signs On My VaJayJay

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