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Poor Hubby… aka The Abuser

Everyone knows that my hubby is the sweetest man in the world. Really it’s extremely annoying, my family and friends believe he can do no wrong.  If my hubby and I have an argument and I go to my girlfriends to … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Lame Black Eye Stories

Just once I would like to get a black eye and have an AMAZING story to go along with it. Something like, I was attacked by crazed black bears looking for honey or I was assaulted by ninja kitties high … Continue reading

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Monkey goes to the ER

Once again I have gotten a black eye, and I swear I find the lamest ways to get them. This time it involved my softball team the “Mother Sluggers” and an evil, evil ball that had it out for me.  BUT that’s … Continue reading

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