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The Squeeze

Hello Strangers, So I’ve been blog awol for a while. I have to admit it’s pretty hard to come back to this place of fun, silliness, and random fires that, let’s be honest, is my life. February 14th my mom … Continue reading

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What do you do after getting skin cancer and having reconstructive surgery… GO BUY A FUCKING CONVERTIBLE… SCREW YOU SUN!!!

Ya… so my nose is still healing after having plastic surgery to cover the hole that my skin cancer removal left… and I just bought a convertible… SHUT UP! I know what you’re thinking… oh and did I forget to … Continue reading

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A photo montage of skin cancer healing… the only real reason to take selfies… FINALLY THERE’S A REASON!!!!

Well my plastic surgery was done 2 months ago and now all bandages are off and healing is going strong!! It was a pretty weird procedure, especially since the doctor decided that I had the “right stuff” and didn’t need … Continue reading

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I came to a startling realization this morning when I pulled a neon pink hair off my sweater. Me: OH MY GOD! Hubby: What!?! Me: You could be cheating on me right now and I would have NO CLUE!!! Hubby: what … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Cancer Hole!

So I had my plastic surgery consultation last week to cover up my cancer hole, and I was 100% excited and 0% nervous… well 70% excited and 30% nervous… no let’s go 80% excited and 20% nervous. I was nervous because … Continue reading

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Thank You for Getting Cancer!!… and now Hubby is going to divorce me…

So I had promised Hubby that I would not blog about this next thing… that I’m about to blog about… I’M SORRY!! BUT IT’S SO AWESOMELY FUNNY!!!! So before I was going in for my skin cancer procedure, the MOHs or … Continue reading

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Cancer hole, not as awe inspiring as you thought it would be…

So 3 days after all the Cancer was removed from my nose, I finally worked up the courage to show Hubby the horror that is… My Cancer Hole. Hubby: That’s it? Me: What do you mean “that’s it”!?!? Hubby: I … Continue reading

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