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The Squeeze

Hello Strangers, So I’ve been blog awol for a while. I have to admit it’s pretty hard to come back to this place of fun, silliness, and random fires that, let’s be honest, is my life. February 14th my mom … Continue reading

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What do you do after getting skin cancer and having reconstructive surgery… GO BUY A FUCKING CONVERTIBLE… SCREW YOU SUN!!!

Ya… so my nose is still healing after having plastic surgery to cover the hole that my skin cancer removal left… and I just bought a convertible… SHUT UP! I know what you’re thinking… oh and did I forget to … Continue reading

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A photo montage of skin cancer healing… the only real reason to take selfies… FINALLY THERE’S A REASON!!!!

Well my plastic surgery was done 2 months ago and now all bandages are off and healing is going strong!! It was a pretty weird procedure, especially since the doctor decided that I had the “right stuff” and didn’t need … Continue reading

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I came to a startling realization this morning when I pulled a neon pink hair off my sweater. Me: OH MY GOD! Hubby: What!?! Me: You could be cheating on me right now and I would have NO CLUE!!! Hubby: what … Continue reading

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Say Goodbye to Cancer Hole!

So I had my plastic surgery consultation last week to cover up my cancer hole, and I was 100% excited and 0% nervous… well 70% excited and 30% nervous… no let’s go 80% excited and 20% nervous. I was nervous because … Continue reading

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Thank You for Getting Cancer!!… and now Hubby is going to divorce me…

So I had promised Hubby that I would not blog about this next thing… that I’m about to blog about… I’M SORRY!! BUT IT’S SO AWESOMELY FUNNY!!!! So before I was going in for my skin cancer procedure, the MOHs or … Continue reading

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Cancer hole, not as awe inspiring as you thought it would be…

So 3 days after all the Cancer was removed from my nose, I finally worked up the courage to show Hubby the horror that is… My Cancer Hole. Hubby: That’s it? Me: What do you mean “that’s it”!?!? Hubby: I … Continue reading

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Cancer Free!! And only slightly Voldemort like…

Well it’s done!  I had my MOHs surgery and all the cancer is gone from my nose!! For those of you that don’t know, M.O.H.s stands for MOTHERFUCKER WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAPPENED TO MY NOSE!?!?!… or something like that. As … Continue reading

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It’s my Skin Cancer and I’ll laugh if I want to!!!

Probably the most shocking thing that I’ve learned from getting skin cancer is people DO NOT want you to joke about it, or laugh about it, or declare that this is how you get insurance to cover your nose job. … Continue reading

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Thirty minutes after finding out I have skin cancer, Hubby discovers the cure to Cancer!

1:15pm – Hubby and I are on the phone discussing the procedure. Hubby: I don’t understand, why are they cutting you? Me: So they can find how deep the cancer goes. Hubby: That’s crazy! They have to have a machine … Continue reading

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