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This started with me wanting to tell you about how my daily drives across long bridges has caused me to create Jason Bourne like ultimate escape plans if things every go bat shit crazy and me and Silvie go overboard, but ended with a chronological recap of all my cars names… and how I killed them… awkward.

Silvie is my car, her name is Silvie because she’s silver. That’s why I don’t spell it Sylvie, so all you English majors, spell checking Nazis, can just take a step back… I’m talking to you dad. Now that I think … Continue reading

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Incase of emergency… look cute and awesome!

Hubby has not been that impressed with my complete lack of weather preparation, especially in my car. So we went down to the garage to compare his car’s trunk of preparedness to mine. Hubby: Do you have water? Me: No, … Continue reading

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Apparently thinking about engines during sex only speeds things along… lol… I just got that…

Classic Sunday afternoon with the entire family sprawled out on the couch. Hubby playing x-box, me with my book, and Orko and CIA Cat fighting over the prime spot between the both of us. Me: hhmmmm Hubby: what? Me: So in … Continue reading

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Best Grocery Shopping Trip EVER!

Hello Everyone! Just back from a fantastic 4 day weekend.  Needed to take the time off as there were many “little” things that I had to get done.  Some of the “little” things were: ~ Get the car checked out and … Continue reading

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