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The untouched bottle

Before my mother passed away she told my dad there was a certain bottle of wine in the cellar, she had bought it a long time ago and was aging for a special moment, and she wanted him to give … Continue reading

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This started with me wanting to tell you about how my daily drives across long bridges has caused me to create Jason Bourne like ultimate escape plans if things every go bat shit crazy and me and Silvie go overboard, but ended with a chronological recap of all my cars names… and how I killed them… awkward.

Silvie is my car, her name is Silvie because she’s silver. That’s why I don’t spell it Sylvie, so all you English majors, spell checking Nazis, can just take a step back… I’m talking to you dad. Now that I think … Continue reading

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This Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE… and make you a little drunk… okay a lot drunk.

Okay I take my turkey cooking pretty damn serious.  My first turkey I ever cooked for Hubby took 12 hours to cook and ended up with the inside still frozen and the outside as dry as hell.  We agreed, for the sanctity of our new … Continue reading

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Hubby and my communication is totally on point! HOLY SHIT!!

So I had my first commute to work in a Washington wind storm… My commute that takes me across the 520 bridge… Which crosses a huge lake… And I was in my little soft top convertible… This is the phone conversation … Continue reading

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It’s almost Super Bowl time! What does that mean for  me? It means I’m locked in the bathroom crying over my phone… EVERY FUCKING YEAR BUDWEISER!!!!  

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Cancer Free!! And only slightly Voldemort like…

Well it’s done!  I had my MOHs surgery and all the cancer is gone from my nose!! For those of you that don’t know, M.O.H.s stands for MOTHERFUCKER WHAT THE FUCKING HELL HAPPENED TO MY NOSE!?!?!… or something like that. As … Continue reading

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Okay people, I say this cause I love you all… SUNSCREEN!! Use that shit, and not the low numbered shit, I’m talking the good shit, 30+ baby! Put that shit on everyday, sometimes twice a day, fuck it, reapply that … Continue reading

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