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Christmas Time aka Card War aka My Families Better Then Your Family aka Suck It… Twice.

Aaaaahhhhhhh the holidays, a time when all the people in my life decide to shove it in my face how happy and wonderful they are by the use of my faithful United States Postal Service deliverer, Bert.  Dammit people come on!  Bert’s got bunions!! Give … Continue reading

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All men should be required to take a kick to the crotch once every year, it will be like taxes, everyone having to pay for the few bad ones. I know that’s not how taxes work but shut up, I’m making a point… badly.

Sorry that’s like a ridiculously long title but DUDE. I received a text from my best friend that SO pissed me off that I… She… We… AAAHHHHGGGGGG!!!… I’m still really annoyed. Best Friend: Dude on a bike just assaulted me through … Continue reading

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Facebook, telling the world of your sexual shortcomings since 1997

Aaahhhhh Facebook, once again you have made me look like an idiot… a TMI idiot. Explaining, this morning I discovered that my back passenger window refused to roll up. So I did what anyone would do, I posted my situation and … Continue reading

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