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I’m learning to play the ukulele and apparently it’s the cruelest thing I’ve ever done to my dog…

So I’ve been trying to learn how to play the guitar, and like all my past declarations of becoming amazing at something that I’ve just started to learn, I’ve completely given up on it when I hadn’t mastered it after the … Continue reading

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Not to be outdone by my marriage, my friendship is making an aggressive bid for best text conversation!!

I sent this amazing photo to my friend Whitney…

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Christmas Time aka Card War aka My Families Better Then Your Family aka Suck It… Twice.

Aaaaahhhhhhh the holidays, a time when all the people in my life decide to shove it in my face how happy and wonderful they are by the use of my faithful United States Postal Service deliverer, Bert.  Dammit people come on!  Bert’s got bunions!! Give … Continue reading

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Running… when nothing is chasing you and/or trying to kill and/or eat you… weird.

So let’s just be clear here, I don’t like running. If When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, I have always taken it to be a fact that I will be in the first wave to be eaten, as… I. Don’t. Like. … Continue reading

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My weekend, trapped in a car with an exploding cat, a screaming Hubby, and a dog who is disgusted with all of us.

So Hubby and I are leaving our 2 bedroom condo and moving into a 3 bedroom townhouse as, *dramatic pause*, my mother-in-law is moving in with us. Duh Duh DUUUUHHHHH! It’s okay, I’ve come to grasps with it and am … Continue reading

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I have found the greatest music video of all time… OF. ALL. TIME!!!!! And no, I’m not overselling this

My friend sent me a link to a video with the following message: “I saw this video last night and thought you’d like it – if you haven’t already seen it – which would shock me – don’t let the first … Continue reading

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It was like someone put a mirror in front of my face and all I saw was Honey Boo Boo’s mother.

So per my last bajillion posts I entered my dog in a ‘Cutest Dog Contest’ and with much nagging and some bribery got him into the final judging, which was done this weekend. So after taking him to the groomer to … Continue reading

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I stepped on something, almost died, and now my neighbor locks his doors.

I was raised country, which means my feet are always bare.  The minute I get home I’ll flip off my shoes and refuse to put them on again until I have to head out to join the civilized world. In my … Continue reading

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And then I shot my dog.

I was walking my fantastic dog Orko early this morning and was not quite awake, this is why I didn’t see the other lady walking her dog, until Orko had jumped up and planted both paws right into her boobs… Me: Oh … Continue reading

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My Dog is Edward Cullen… that’s not creepy…

Hubby: Orko was a huge pain in the ass after you went to bed last night. Me: Did he fart and try to blame it on you? Hubby: … no. Me: Did he refuse to give up his TV remote … Continue reading

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