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This started with me wanting to tell you about how my daily drives across long bridges has caused me to create Jason Bourne like ultimate escape plans if things every go bat shit crazy and me and Silvie go overboard, but ended with a chronological recap of all my cars names… and how I killed them… awkward.

Silvie is my car, her name is Silvie because she’s silver. That’s why I don’t spell it Sylvie, so all you English majors, spell checking Nazis, can just take a step back… I’m talking to you dad. Now that I think … Continue reading

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How a majestic fucking eagle tried to kill me but then killed someone else… because it looked so damn majestic.

So while driving across the 520 bridge into work this morning, I saw a huge bald eagle sitting on top of a light pole up ahead of me. I decided I had to take a picture as he was looking majestic as … Continue reading

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Hubby and my communication is totally on point! HOLY SHIT!!

So I had my first commute to work in a Washington wind storm… My commute that takes me across the 520 bridge… Which crosses a huge lake… And I was in my little soft top convertible… This is the phone conversation … Continue reading

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The blog when you try to tell the new ‘I Almost Died’ story and then end up fighting with yourself in cap locks… blog

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Labor Day. A lovely long holiday weekend that sends you off to Eastern Washington to hang out on the old family’s organic garlic farm… a chance to really commune with nature… maybe do a little bbqing… spend a little time in … Continue reading

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Best Grocery Shopping Trip EVER!

Hello Everyone! Just back from a fantastic 4 day weekend.  Needed to take the time off as there were many “little” things that I had to get done.  Some of the “little” things were: ~ Get the car checked out and … Continue reading

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Childhood memories OH GOD OH GOD WE’RE GONNA DIE

I’ve had a few several many near death experiences in my life. I really gotta hand it to my Guardian Angel, that lady has been able to divert trains, semi-trucks, boulders, reattached a bungee cord, kept 2 trucks and 1 car from flipping with me in … Continue reading

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Marriage means NOT saying the first thing that comes to mind

Yesterday Hubby and I were driving to get some delicious FroYo. Me: But babe I LOVE gummy bears, it’s really mean that you wont let me get gummy bears on my FroYo. Hubby: Those gummy bears are stale! Me: SO!?! That’s the way I like … Continue reading

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Hubby has Magical Powers

I don’t like to brag but… MY HUBBY HAS MAGICAL POWERS!!! Shocking I know, but I discovered his amazing gift last night.  We were driving home from stuffing ourselves at our favorite taco stand, and by we I mean me. … Continue reading

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What Would Chuck Norris Do?

It was a beautiful day, the sun was out, my car windows were down and the radio was blaring as I drove to pick my hubby up from work. I was sitting happily at a stop sign, belting out a … Continue reading

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