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In our house you’re no longer allowed to be the judge of judging how funny you judge others…

Hubby: (typing at his laptop) mumble.. mumble..  I’m so funny  mumble.. mumble.. Me: I’m sorry, but did you just say YOU’RE so funny? Hubby:  .. ya.. Me: Um, I’ll be the judge of that! What did you type that you … Continue reading

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Depression is a sneaky piece of s#&%.

The last couple of months have been really good for me.  Hubby and I have been taking lots of little exploration road trips around the northwest.  Orko is LOVING my new job which allows him to come to work with … Continue reading

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And now one of my boobs is flatter then the other… thanks a lot Victoria Secret!

So I’m hanging at home, watching some tv, when I see it… It is every girls fear… Right up there with snake in the toilet… Or rat in your hair… It’s… SPIDER IN YOUR BRA!!! Like any rational person, I … Continue reading

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Apparently it’s not a good smoothie unless you’ve paid $600 for it…

This conversation is for all you readers out there who thought I was the crazy one in this relationship… HA! Hubby: I think we should get healthy. Me: Love this idea!  I really need to lose some inches, I’m on the … Continue reading

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Me: YOU CHEATING BASTARD! Hubby: huh… wha…  Me: I CAN’T BELIEVE YOU LEFT ME FOR HER! Hubby: Babe, what the… HEY, STOP HITTING ME WITH YOUR PILLOW!  Me: You deserve it you cheating, good for nothing, Casanova wanna be, asshole! Hubby: What are you … Continue reading

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My father and I aren’t allowed to play board games together.

My father and I love games, especially the awesomely fantastically wonderful board game Cranium.  This game has everything! Sculpting, Word Jumbles, Spelling, Trivia, and Charades. However after the Christmas 2007 incident, my dad and I are no longer allowed to play it … Continue reading

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