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It started with Pinterest posts and ended with my inevitable death by explosion… classic Thursday.

Whitney: I just sent this to you via Pinterest but it’s too funny so I’m texting it to you too! Me: LOL, have you seen my ‘Word’ section in Pinterest?  I love these things, here’s a great one for me… … Continue reading

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This Thanksgiving Turkey Recipe WILL SAVE YOUR LIFE… and make you a little drunk… okay a lot drunk.

Okay I take my turkey cooking pretty damn serious.  My first turkey I ever cooked for Hubby took 12 hours to cook and ended up with the inside still frozen and the outside as dry as hell.  We agreed, for the sanctity of our new … Continue reading

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Well… we can now add kitchen tables to things that SPONTANEOUSLY catch fire in my presence… with very little help from me…

So… I would just like to repeat what I said after the bathroom fire of 2002 AND the oven-mitts fire of 2014… IT WAS NOT MY FRACKING FAULT!!!! Seriously this time, I really mean it!! The candle was defective!!!! And instead of burning out when it … Continue reading

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The toilet, the toilet, the toilet’s on fire!!

UGH! It’s been centuries since my last post, but I have excellent reasons for being gone so long!!!… however I don’t have time to tell you… but I will… soon… maybe. Okay, short of the long, Hubby had a near … Continue reading

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If you live in Arizona, please do not be alarmed by fire balls in the sky for the next month…

After doing some number crunching Hubby and I discovered that we spend around the sum of a small countries national income on eating out. We decided to make all our meals at home… outside… on the grill.  Hubby’s request, apparently all … Continue reading

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Blogging – Anyone Can Do It!!! Seriously, my friend just started and her blog is blowing my blog out of the water…

OKAY so I think everyone remembers my fantastic just married friend Tracy!  Remember, her wedding was the one that I ordered a bridesmaid dress 3 sizes too small because I was “so certain” I was gonna lose the weight by … Continue reading

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I cooked the turkey because I didn’t want my husband to set the house on fire with a deep fryer… then I set the house on fire…

IT WAS NOT MY FAULT… okay it was a smidgen my fault… But more the dogs then mine… anywho… The Thanksgiving Fire of 2013, will be remembered right up there with The Great Bathroom Fire of 02‘, and The Lightning Striked … Continue reading

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