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Not to be outdone by my marriage, my friendship is making an aggressive bid for best text conversation!!

I sent this amazing photo to my friend Whitney…

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The blog when you try to tell the new ‘I Almost Died’ story and then end up fighting with yourself in cap locks… blog

Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh Labor Day. A lovely long holiday weekend that sends you off to Eastern Washington to hang out on the old family’s organic garlic farm… a chance to really commune with nature… maybe do a little bbqing… spend a little time in … Continue reading

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How I broke my friend and made her question her life, all while I didn’t watch the Bachelor

I wish I liked the Bachelor, so many of my friends like that show and listening to them each morning losing their shit over who did what, who wasn’t picked, who was picked, who kissed who, who didn’t kiss who, who … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a friend to call you a filthy whore.

So I made the classic mistake of inviting people to my house. It’s not that I don’t like people, I LOVE people. I love feeding people and making them drink absurd amounts of wine, all the while making them go … Continue reading

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HEY! I’m not hitting on you, I’m just trying to pimp out my friend!

So I have a beautiful girlfriend that has been single for WAY too long and I have recently made it my mission to get her hooked up with a handsome fella. However, I’ve hit some unforeseen snags… ya you knew that was … Continue reading

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The toilet, the toilet, the toilet’s on fire!!

UGH! It’s been centuries since my last post, but I have excellent reasons for being gone so long!!!… however I don’t have time to tell you… but I will… soon… maybe. Okay, short of the long, Hubby had a near … Continue reading

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If you live in Arizona, please do not be alarmed by fire balls in the sky for the next month…

After doing some number crunching Hubby and I discovered that we spend around the sum of a small countries national income on eating out. We decided to make all our meals at home… outside… on the grill.  Hubby’s request, apparently all … Continue reading

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So Facebook Says You Have Hundreds of Friends… PROVE IT.

This is going to be weird for some of you, but I’m about to post a serious post.  I know, I rarely do these as I really hate being serious.  But something has happened to a dear friend of mine that … Continue reading

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All men should be required to take a kick to the crotch once every year, it will be like taxes, everyone having to pay for the few bad ones. I know that’s not how taxes work but shut up, I’m making a point… badly.

Sorry that’s like a ridiculously long title but DUDE. I received a text from my best friend that SO pissed me off that I… She… We… AAAHHHHGGGGGG!!!… I’m still really annoyed. Best Friend: Dude on a bike just assaulted me through … Continue reading

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I tried to cook and ended up passing out, BUT NOTHING WAS SET ON FIRE!

So against my Hubby’s wishes, I cooked this weekend!  Granted there has been one or two slight mishaps during my last culinary explorations, I believe we all remember the great turkey fire of ’13. But my favorite little lady, and … Continue reading

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