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When your Skype conversation starts about fashion and ends with a suicidal spirit animal.

So sorry for the blurry of the blown up images! Could I have typed out the conversation instead? Sure… Did I? No. Why not? Lazy… come on people you read my blog, this should really come as no surprise!

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It started with Pinterest posts and ended with my inevitable death by explosion… classic Thursday.

Whitney: I just sent this to you via Pinterest but it’s too funny so I’m texting it to you too! Me: LOL, have you seen my ‘Word’ section in Pinterest?  I love these things, here’s a great one for me… … Continue reading

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How I broke my friend and made her question her life, all while I didn’t watch the Bachelor

I wish I liked the Bachelor, so many of my friends like that show and listening to them each morning losing their shit over who did what, who wasn’t picked, who was picked, who kissed who, who didn’t kiss who, who … Continue reading

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Budweiser… you son of a beech!

I don’t know if any of you have seen the Budweiser Clydesdale Super Bowl commercial. But if you haven’t… DON’T WATCH IT!!! It’s brutal, seriously I’ve been crying since yesterday… but if you enjoy emotionally fucking with yourself… well then, here ya … Continue reading

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I’m sorry… but she asked for it

So Ashley and I recorded a new episode for our video blog 2 Geeky Girly Girls regarding our love for Dr. Who and our extreme excitement for its return along with our extreme DREAD for Amy and Rory leaving. The episode was hilarious and … Continue reading

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