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Hubby and my communication is totally on point! HOLY SHIT!!

So I had my first commute to work in a Washington wind storm… My commute that takes me across the 520 bridge… Which crosses a huge lake… And I was in my little soft top convertible… This is the phone conversation … Continue reading

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Nature is trying to LITERALLY kill me… LITERALLY!!

So last week I found myself on the couch eating an entire bag of bbq potato chips and drinking a bottle of wine, an excellent combination by the way.  I decided that I needed to counter that bombardment of calories by … Continue reading

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All men should be required to take a kick to the crotch once every year, it will be like taxes, everyone having to pay for the few bad ones. I know that’s not how taxes work but shut up, I’m making a point… badly.

Sorry that’s like a ridiculously long title but DUDE. I received a text from my best friend that SO pissed me off that I… She… We… AAAHHHHGGGGGG!!!… I’m still really annoyed. Best Friend: Dude on a bike just assaulted me through … Continue reading

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If you thought I swore too much last time…

Well per my past blog, they found some skin cancer on my nose. No biggie, they just sliced a bit, burned the hell out of the surrounding area, and called it good… but. I fucking hate buts. I get a call … Continue reading

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