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Oh Snapchat you beautiful bastard

So as I’ve mentioned in past blogs I LOVE sending Hubby hilarious Snapchat pics that I am sure help to improve his day and life as a whole. Well a couple weeks ago I discovered Snapchat videos… you’re welcome.

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Apparently thinking about engines during sex only speeds things along… lol… I just got that…

Classic Sunday afternoon with the entire family sprawled out on the couch. Hubby playing x-box, me with my book, and Orko and CIA Cat fighting over the prime spot between the both of us. Me: hhmmmm Hubby: what? Me: So in … Continue reading

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I can’t be trusted to be left alone in an ER room… CLEAR!!

Currently sitting in an ER room waiting for Hubby to come back from some tests. He’s okay, they just want to see if they can make him pass out by strapping him on a board and tilting it a whole bunch of … Continue reading

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Just when you thought skin cancer was the worst thing to happen to you.

You all know Sheri, my bestie who chose me over a wine snob and nearly got us kicked out of our favorite bar for making me scream chlamydia.  Well she’s back, and proving to me, on Facebook, that there are … Continue reading

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This may surprise you, but my texting can sometimes be even more sporadic and confusing than my every day talking… or writing… or basically my general every day beingness (shut up, it’s a word). But one of my proudest accomplishments … Continue reading

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Facebook, telling the world of your sexual shortcomings since 1997

Aaahhhhh Facebook, once again you have made me look like an idiot… a TMI idiot. Explaining, this morning I discovered that my back passenger window refused to roll up. So I did what anyone would do, I posted my situation and … Continue reading

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I got a call from my mother this morning that started with happy news and ended with me fearing for my future mental health. Mom: Honey, I got my doe! Me: Doe, a deer? A female deer? Mom: I regret … Continue reading

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Finally! I’m not the dumbest person in this relationship!

Don’t get me wrong with the title, I’m not dumb… it’s just, sometimes I will say something that will make me pause and wonder how I’m able to put pants on in the morning. But not this time! Hubby finally … Continue reading

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