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Hubby thinks I have a problem… I think I’m living the dream… You decide…

Hubby: … Really babe? Me: What!?!? Hubby: You’re drinking wine in the morning, in bed, and from the bottle! Me: Okay well it’s actually 11am, so some might argue that it’s the afternoon, and it’s Saturday which is the kind of day … Continue reading

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Running… when nothing is chasing you and/or trying to kill and/or eat you… weird.

So let’s just be clear here, I don’t like running. If When the Zombie Apocalypse hits, I have always taken it to be a fact that I will be in the first wave to be eaten, as… I. Don’t. Like. … Continue reading

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BACK TO MY ROOTS!!! Meaning we’ve moved back to Seattle… Not that I went back to my natural hair color… I tried that and got bored with it after 2 months… My hair is currently blue.

WE MOVED!! Don’t get me wrong, I loved the 500 days out of the year of temperatures in the triple digits… But I am SUPER happy to be back to my home state of Washington and the return of that wet … Continue reading

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My Hubby and the Dog find the idea of me running horrifying… harsh.

So my fabulous job has lunches catered into the office and, like most days, I ate WAY too much and was paying for it later in the day with buddha food belly regrets. I texted Hubby about the terrible tummy situation I was … Continue reading

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I’m a “professional” photographer now, but my dog just thinks I’m a “professional” asshole.

So last Christmas Hubby got me an AMAZING high techie camera that I promised I would use EVERYDAY and we would be able to decorate our house with the AWARD WINNING photos I was going to take… and then I … Continue reading

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Well fuck you too 39!!

So yesterday was my birthday. I’m usually not a huge celebrater of birthdays, but seeing how this was my last year in the 30’s I thought maybe I’d make an effort… I really wish I hadn’t. The glorious day started … Continue reading

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My dog, the snowman mutilator!

We took Orko up North to experience the wonders of snow… it took a bad turn… pretty much the moment we got out of the car and Orko noticed the snowman… Hi there! I’m Orko. Ummm, is it just me … Continue reading

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Sometimes you just need a friend to call you a filthy whore.

So I made the classic mistake of inviting people to my house. It’s not that I don’t like people, I LOVE people. I love feeding people and making them drink absurd amounts of wine, all the while making them go … Continue reading

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My weekend, trapped in a car with an exploding cat, a screaming Hubby, and a dog who is disgusted with all of us.

So Hubby and I are leaving our 2 bedroom condo and moving into a 3 bedroom townhouse as, *dramatic pause*, my mother-in-law is moving in with us. Duh Duh DUUUUHHHHH! It’s okay, I’ve come to grasps with it and am … Continue reading

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I can tell you think you’re insulting me, but I’m only hearing “YOU’RE FRACKING AWESOME!”… “and funny”… “and dog gone it, people like you”.

Found this post on Tumblr that describes what kind of writer you are by your  sign… here’s mine… Capricorn: They don’t write one-shots. Everything (and yes they do mean *everything*) they write is part of a series or their overarching mega-macro-universe. Expect to … Continue reading

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