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I went from telling you how to lose friends and alienate people this October, to creating a new inappropriate for work word… WINNING!

I have a secret. A secret that could end friendships, alienate me from family members, and basically make me a social outcast to normal society. I DON’T LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE!! *pause for horrified gasps from the reader* I know, I … Continue reading

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Per the Internet, I’m dying… or fine… it’s hard to say

So while I was at the ER with my split open head from that evil possessed softball, the doctor noticed it had been forever since my last Tetanus shot and suggested I get one while there.  I pointed out I hadn’t … Continue reading

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CIA cat has access to the internet

Apparently CIA cat is doing her research online.  All I did was Google ‘Cat Butt’ (stop judging me) and BAM!! But that’s not all… there’s actually jewelry relating to this… JEWELRY!!!  (and yes that is a gem stone on the … Continue reading

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