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I went from telling you how to lose friends and alienate people this October, to creating a new inappropriate for work word… WINNING!

I have a secret. A secret that could end friendships, alienate me from family members, and basically make me a social outcast to normal society. I DON’T LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE!! *pause for horrified gasps from the reader* I know, I … Continue reading

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“And Then I Died a Little Inside”… not really but that’s a pretty gripping post title, right up there with “She Thought it Was Going to be Just Another Gyno Appointment Until…”

I just had the worlds greatest conversation and finished it off with the most spot on joke that was so freaking funny, I peed a little. I then turned to see what status of hilarity my office mate was in after … Continue reading

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Well fuck you too 39!!

So yesterday was my birthday. I’m usually not a huge celebrater of birthdays, but seeing how this was my last year in the 30’s I thought maybe I’d make an effort… I really wish I hadn’t. The glorious day started … Continue reading

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I Give You The Greatest Email You Will EVER Get From An IT Department

So we just got this office wide email from our IT department, which consists of 2 guys, and it’s fucking brilliant.  Don’t just take my word for it, read the email yourself: Hey Kids, Over the weekend Alex and I changed … Continue reading

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India IT Guy Is Totally Screwing With Me

People I swear to God or Alah or Chuck Norris or Whatever you believe in… this story is true and happened 30 minutes ago.  Started with me calling our Companies IT number. IT Dude: Thonk you fur calling International Support Line Mr. Mona Muuuooosssess. (ok … Continue reading

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