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I may be a thief or a super hero… YOU DECIDE!!!… it’s super hero by the way…

So I’ve been getting my period for a while now, if I just lost all my male readers with that statement, let me follow up with… “Oh Calm Down Guys! It’s a thing, it happens, get over it!… MY LOINS … Continue reading

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What do you mean you DON’T want to look in my bra?!

Last weekend a group of some of my favorite ladies decided to go on a boat tour… a three-hour tour… ya I think you’re beginning to get the idea of the horror that could possibly follow.  BUT before we left we had to … Continue reading

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Best Lunch Meeting EVER!

“You girls are lucky, you never had to learn how to work with a Wang.” That was the sentence that started the greatest department admin lunch meeting ever. I’ll give you a quick history lesson, so you understand what my manager … Continue reading

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Monkey goes to the Beach

Never fails, you take Drunky Monkey to the beach and he has to ride EVERYTHING!! Sadly the Crab did not want be ridden and there was a fight…

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