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Depression is a sneaky piece of s#&%.

The last couple of months have been really good for me.  Hubby and I have been taking lots of little exploration road trips around the northwest.  Orko is LOVING my new job which allows him to come to work with … Continue reading

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Turkducken the myth, the legend, the possible explosion…

Me: I’m thinking of doing a Turkducken for Thanksgiving this year! Chicken, in a Duck, in a Turkey!! Hubby: Well it was a nice apartment while it lasted. Me: I am like 63% certain nothing will catch fire this time. … Continue reading

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How my butt nearly ended my marriage

Me: Is this a spider bite or a pimple? Hubby: Ah babe come on, I haven’t even had my coffee yet, I’m gonna need you to pull your pants back up. Me: HEY! This is marriage! You said I do … Continue reading

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Apparently, by being a sane, nice person this Halloween, I’m actually ruining everything for everyone… yay… go me.

Hubby: So what’s the theme this year? Me: Theme for what? Hubby: Halloween. Me: oh… ya… I though we could just skip it this year. Hubby: Holy Shit. SKIP HALLOWEEN!?! WHAT!? WHY!? You always do Halloween, to the extreme! You … Continue reading

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The Martian+Gin+Me = Hubby Asking What He Did To Deserve This Life

Hubby: “… let me just make sure I’m following along with you, Matt Damon’s character would have never gotten off Mars, if it hadn’t been for the NASA guy’s Executive Assistant?” Me: “YES!” Hubby: “… how?” Me: “Oh my god … Continue reading

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I went from telling you how to lose friends and alienate people this October, to creating a new inappropriate for work word… WINNING!

I have a secret. A secret that could end friendships, alienate me from family members, and basically make me a social outcast to normal society. I DON’T LIKE PUMPKIN SPICE!! *pause for horrified gasps from the reader* I know, I … Continue reading

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The Squeeze

Hello Strangers, So I’ve been blog awol for a while. I have to admit it’s pretty hard to come back to this place of fun, silliness, and random fires that, let’s be honest, is my life. February 14th my mom … Continue reading

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