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It’s all fun and games until someone snorts coffee

This is just another example of why working and IMing with Tif  brings joy and pain to my life. Tif Running downstairs for some Starbucks, coming? Mona But we have coffee up here. There’s even a coffee container marked Wednesday Mystery … Continue reading

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CIA Cat Says Good-bye… the fake one, not the real one

As you know SOMEONE has been emailing me as my cat, CIA Cat.  Now, at first, I declared this awesome and began the hunt of finding out who was the mystery emailer.  However, the joy of not knowing quickly faded, becoming less awesome … Continue reading

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Okay… now my cat’s bisexual… I’m so proud.

The ongoing soap opera that is CIA Cat emailing me continues… We last left with CIA Cat “slipping” that she was a lesbian, since then she emailed again trying to explain the slip… I’m not buying it. T0:Mona From: CIA Cat … Continue reading

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