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This started with me wanting to tell you about how my daily drives across long bridges has caused me to create Jason Bourne like ultimate escape plans if things every go bat shit crazy and me and Silvie go overboard, but ended with a chronological recap of all my cars names… and how I killed them… awkward.

Silvie is my car, her name is Silvie because she’s silver. That’s why I don’t spell it Sylvie, so all you English majors, spell checking Nazis, can just take a step back… I’m talking to you dad. Now that I think … Continue reading

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Everyone’s a critic, but my friends are critics with flair!

Chris: Your last blog was wrong. Me: My blogs are never wrong. Chris: Ha ya… you said you’re changing from a Portlandan to an Arizonan. Me: Yep. Chris: States get the “an” at the end. Your an Orgonian. Portlandan just sounds … Continue reading

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Mona Primo… I blame my father

Primo. In Spanish it means Cousin… the male cousin. The Italians view it as the First, or the Best. Urbandictionary.com defines it as “a joint with a sprinkling of cocaine”. And I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it at my local … Continue reading

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