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He Started it with Torture, I ended it with a Gas Bomb





So I learned some hard truths tonight people… HARD TRUTHS!

It all began while I was sitting at Hubby’s desk, exploring the wonder and awesomeness of China Ebay. I know China is a pretty bad country when it comes to human rights and pollution control, but MY GOD can those people offer sparkly shiny things for low, low prices and FREE SHIPPING!!

*phew* sorry, I do tend to get a little carried away when it comes to sparkly things… hence my last purchase… I just couldn’t decide between tiara or headband… so I got both! … too subtle?



Anywho, while drooling over the new line of cyrstal encrusted nose warmers, Hubby came up to the desk, pushed me aside, got down on his knees, and stuck his head under the desk…

Me: Well Hello Sailor!

Hubby: (muffled) What?

Me: Watchya doing down there honey?

Hubby: (still muffled) I gotta swap out one of the wall cords… something… something… tech talk… nerdyness… blah.

Okay that’s not exactly what he said but it was getting boring so I zoned out and continued with my bling extravaganza shopping.

Hubby: ggahhh mig ed duck.

Me: Ya don’t say.


Me: Totally

Hubby: BABE!

Me: yo


Me:… it is not

Hubby: I think my hair is stuck on a screw

Me:… really?… Okay what’s the last post you read from my blog.

Hubby: What? I don’t know? The dude one?

Me: WHAT!  That was MONTHS ago!!!  Okay… time to catch up. April 17th It was a cold day and Hubby and I…

Hubby: OH COME ON! This is Torture!!!…


Hubby:… babe… where are you going?

Me:… bed… good luck with all that down there.

Hubby: Babe!… Babe?… BABE! 

Me:… I’m back.

Hubby: Thanks hon, are you going to help me know?

Me: No

Hubby: Then why did you come back!??

Me: I just ate 2 slices of your pepperone pizza.

Hubby: You can’t eat peppperoni, it makes you… OH BABE!

Me: Welcome to War.

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