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My weekend, trapped in a car with an exploding cat, a screaming Hubby, and a dog who is disgusted with all of us.

So Hubby and I are leaving our 2 bedroom condo and moving into a 3 bedroom townhouse as, *dramatic pause*, my mother-in-law is moving in with us. Duh Duh DUUUUHHHHH! It’s okay, I’ve come to grasps with it and am … Continue reading

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And now my boss knows I poop…

This is why it sucks to have a blog, people you know read it… ┬áSome of you may remember I blogged a rather embarrassing, but funny as hell, story about my first unisex bathroom experience… couple days later I noticed … Continue reading

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Prepare yourselves people… this is gonna get messy. My Intro to a Unisex Bathroom.

Okay I am loving my new job; there’s no dress code, free food in the kitchen, the soda machine doesn’t require coins, and there are random Nerf gun wars that break out when you least expect it, however, there is … Continue reading

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