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My dog is the next Messiah!!!!!

And it’s not like that last time when I thought he was the next messiah because his balls grew back 3 days after he was fixed and then disappeared again, no this is legit messiah action that I have photo … Continue reading

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My mind thinks I can save my dog from a shark with a screwdriver… obviously my mind thinks I’m a badass.

My favorite part of the day, is my drive home after work. Not because it’s the end of a work day or I drive though amazing landscape.  It’s because my mind creates the most bizarre storylines when I’m driving home. … Continue reading

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We’ve got a puppy down… PUPPY DOWN!!!

Orko being the lovable klutz that he is somehow managed to rip a part of his paw pad while going pee in front of the house… he’s talented. I can tell you this now in a calm, peaceful, joking demeanor… … Continue reading

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It’s almost Super Bowl time! What does that mean for  me? It means I’m locked in the bathroom crying over my phone… EVERY FUCKING YEAR BUDWEISER!!!!  

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Doggie Daycare has just shown me that I have absolutely no self control… or dignity.

So per my post a while ago, I swore to NEVER enter my dog in another beauty contest… and I didn’t… not really… it was a costume contest… STOP JUDGING ME!!! Orko’s doggie daycare was having a halloween costume contest. … Continue reading

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I have found the greatest music video of all time… OF. ALL. TIME!!!!! And no, I’m not overselling this

My friend sent me a link to a video with the following message: “I saw this video last night and thought you’d like it – if you haven’t already seen it – which would shock me – don’t let the first … Continue reading

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Bad news, the dog is limping and no longer loves and/or trust me… Good news, if I’m ever attacked by ninjas while sleep walking, they don’t stand a chance

So Hubby being a wonderful man, who for some reason is still married to the mess of a woman that is me after 14 years, made me breakfast.  Granted he made it at 3am, did I mention Hubby has an … Continue reading

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