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The toilet, the toilet, the toilet’s on fire!!

UGH! It’s been centuries since my last post, but I have excellent reasons for being gone so long!!!… however I don’t have time to tell you… but I will… soon… maybe. Okay, short of the long, Hubby had a near … Continue reading

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It’s my Skin Cancer and I’ll laugh if I want to!!!

Probably the most shocking thing that I’ve learned from getting skin cancer is people DO NOT want you to joke about it, or laugh about it, or declare that this is how you get insurance to cover your nose job. … Continue reading

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And that’s how I caused mass hysteria on public transport

I would just like to start this blog, the same way I start most of my stories that end in total and complete mayhem, by stating that it was NOT. MY. FAULT… okay maybe a little bit. This is how … Continue reading

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