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Orko learned the hard way that bigger is not always better… poor puppy.

Here’s some more pics of our northern adventure in the snow. Orko loves snow and he loves it even more when it’s in the shape of his favorite object… ball. So Hubby was making Orko’s day, until things got a … Continue reading

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My dog, the snowman mutilator!

We took Orko up North to experience the wonders of snow… it took a bad turn… pretty much the moment we got out of the car and Orko noticed the snowman… Hi there! I’m Orko. Ummm, is it just me … Continue reading

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It’s snowing… que the crazies

There is really just one thing you need to know about Portland, Oregon.  Even though we are located in ‘The Great Northwest” we very rarely get snow especially downtown, and since that’s where I live I’m totally okay with this. … Continue reading

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