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It only took a mummified dinasour to make me the smartest person in my marriage!

Me: Oh babe look, this article says scientist found a mummified dinasour and there’s pictures!! Hubby: But who wrapped the mummy? Me:… Hubby:… Me:… Hubby: Oh my god. Me: Oh my god! Hubby: I can’t believe I said that. Me: … Continue reading

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I’m 34 and Irish.  You would think that with 34 years of experience being a fair-skinned, freckled Irish gal, I would know that the Sun is not my friend… in fact it hates my fucking guts.  I forgot… I got burned… … Continue reading

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Oh, Like You Haven’t Set Yourself on Fire

Let me just start by stating I’m not a complete idiot… but I have been known to act before thinking. An excellent example of this would be when I accidentaly set my bathroom on fire… along with myself. Let me … Continue reading

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